A clean work environment is important not only for the upkeep of aesthetics and a professional appearance, but more importantly, for the well-being of employees.  For this very reason, it is important to hire a commercial cleaning business who not only offer, room cleaning and sanitizing but utilise the correct power washing/ pressure washing equipment to complete the job professionally.


Below are the top seven reasons to hire a commercial cleaning business:


 1. Top Class Service

High quality and experience is synonymous with a commercial cleaning business. A high level of cleaning service is guaranteed because this is the area of their expertise. A Calgary commercial cleaning business has the appropriate commercial cleaning supplies equipment and knowledge to clean commercially in an efficient manner. Besides providing a basic cleaning service, parking lot sweeping and special needs from clients are accommodated.


2. Cost-Effective

Hiring a commercial cleaning business is actually cost-effective.  Professional cleaners are trained to complete the job in a fraction of the time. A company is better off concentrating on productivity and leaving the cleaning service to the experts.


3. Professionalism

Impression is important in the commercial cleaning business and as such, professional cleaners wearing uniforms are not only just cleaners but brand ambassadors for the business as they move around the room cleaning and sanitizing.


4. Insurance

A professional commercial cleaning business will have a public liability insurance policy in place. Insurance is extremely vital as damage or accidents can happen with regards to cleaning supplies and power washing/pressure washing. The insurance will cover the expense for replacement or repair.

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5. Good Histories

In most cases, the commercial cleaning business would have a clean track record. Having worked with several different business owners, they would have testimonials from clients as well as repeat work.  Hiring the services of a commercial cleaning business with a good history will assure a cleaning service of superior quality but most important, a reliable business.


6. Services

The requirement of every business is different when it comes to a cleaning service. It depends on the type of cleaning required and besides basic dusting and cleaning a commercial cleaning business can offer:

  • Power washing or  Pressure washing
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Special event cleaning
  • Floor coatings and much


7. Equipment

The business will invest in its specialized cleaning equipment. The machinery is also designed to cover larger areas in a quicker timer which allows for business owners to keep disruptions to a minimal.


If you are a business requiring commercial cleaning in Calgary, Edmonton or Regina or other cities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, contact us. Our Professional cleaning service is of top quality and we do not disappoint our clients. We look forward to establishing meaningful relationships, not one off cleans.